Matruri Memories

The word “Matsuri” is Japanese for ‘festival’. There are different kinds of Matsuris held in Japan in notable locations all throughout the year, some more famous than others.

As a club who focuses on Japanese culture and history, it would be pretty foolish of us to not have a Matsuri of our own. The Tomodachi Club has held this event here at SPSCC for the past couple of years.

This year turned out extremely well.

I could tell that the people who attended had a very good time, enjoying the calligraphy, origami, food, games, prizes, and the amazing music performances. I would estimate that at least 160 people showed up to the event this year.

All the hard work that the club members put in made it worthwhile seeing all the smiles and hearing all the laughter from not only those with similar interests as the club but also those who came to learn more about Japanese culture.

Hopefully the club will be able to continue this wonderful event and only make it bigger and better each time.

-Michael Lee, SPSCC Tamodachi Club president