Karaoke contest at SPSCC

Nami Yasuoka, of South Puget Sound Community College Campus Activities Board, has organized two karaoke-driven student events scheduled to take place in the coming weeks. The first is karaoke Open Mike, which will be happening on Thurs. Feb. 16 from 10 to 1 p.m. on the SUB stage.

Students and faculty are invited to sing to their favorite tunes, whatever those tunes may be.

“We have all kinds of music,” said Yasuoka. Everything, she said, “from hip hop to oldies.” International music and Latin music with Spanish lyrics will also be available for participants to sing to.

Open Mike is to be followed up with a real live Karaoke Competition on Feb. 23 from 11 to 1 p.m., also on the SUB stage. The competition is also open to both students and faculty, and sign up sheets for this event will soon be available at the Student Life desk. While participants are encouraged to sign up in advance, Yasuoka assures students that they will be able to sign up right up until the day of the event.

A Grand Prize of a $50 gift certificate to Capital Mall will be offered to the winner of the competition, thanks to Yasuoka, who collected the prizes in addition to organizing the competition itself. Three $15 gift certificates to iTunes will also be given away to the three next best karaoke singers at the competition.

Judges for the Karaoke Competition will be comprised of CAB staff and possibly some Faculty as well. Yasuoka encouraged students who are interested in judging to attend the competition, saying that anyone in the audience would be welcome to participate as judges.

Asked why she decided to plan a Karaoke Contest, Yasuoka said, “I’m from Japan, where there are lots of places to do karaoke. Since I’ve been here, I’ve felt like there’s no place to sing except the bathroom. I wanted to put this together to give students an opportunity to karaoke.”

Yasuoka plans to sing in the competition, although because she is a CAB member she won’t be able to accept a prize.

Still more karaoke opportunities are on the horizon for SPSCC students and faculty. Batkhuu Dashnyam, also a CAB member, is planning a joint student and faculty karaoke event that will take place in March, towards the end of the quarter.

“It should be really entertaining for the audience,” Dashnyam said.