Introducing the New Student Leaders

The student senate and campus activities board are student run organizations designed to improve the school experience here at South Puget Sound Community College.

According to the Dean of Student Life Dave Rector, the senate is a group of students appointed by the board of trustees, and they are the official voice of the students to the school administration.

Senate members bring attention to the student concerns and provide information on campus.

This is done through a monthly meeting by Senate President Khurshida Begum with both the board of trustees and College President Gerald Pumphrey.

Their activity on campus can be seen in the recent introduction of a smoking ban, which was the result of student concern expressed through the senate three years ago.

CAB is focused on bringing both extracurricular and co-curricular activities to SPSCC. Co-curricular events may be related to one or multiple classes, and they often feature speakers or educational presentations.

Extra credit is a possibility for students who attend these events and are enrolled in connected classes.

Extracurricular activities include three-on-three basketball tournaments, which are often organized either at school or through our local parks and recreation. Other activities have included free end-of-quarter massages and an open informational meeting for night class students featuring coffee and a meal. CAB also purchases tickets and sells them for a reduced rate to students. Tickets have been sold in the past for skiing, movies, and even whale watching.

Students can find out about these opportunities by checking digital sign boards, as well as posters and pamphlets put out by the CAB and senate.

Students can contact members of the CAB and senate by either visiting the Office of Student Life on the top floor of building 27, or through email. The webpages of both organizations can be found under “campus life” on SPSCC’s webpage. Individual emails are listed on both pages.