Hawks Prairie campus adds certificate program

SPSCC’s Hawks Prairie campus will begin offering a Business Analysis certificate program fall quarter.

According to Associate Dean of Enterprise Training Noel Rubadue many Information Technology (IT) positions now require this certification due to a change in industry structure.

“[Companies are saying] we need more data driven decision making,” said Rubadue. “They’re wanting to merge more of the business practices and accounting offices and IT together.”

The program will require students to complete 105 hours of classroom time.

“They’re not just wanting IT experience,” said Rubadue. “It’s really a change that’s going on industry wide.”

The Hawks Prairie campus also offers a Project Management Certificate program.

“Project Management is huge right now because it’s such a broad area that goes across every industry,” said Rubadue. “We’re seeing a huge change in the state and they’re more and more requiring someone with national certification.”

According to Rubadue this program is very popular because of a desire for national certification as well as the state’s support for using work time for training. The campus offers many day time training classes as opposed to other programs that include night classes said Rubadue.

“You can complete the Project Management program in as little as three months,” said Rubadue.

The Hawks Prairie location also recently began offering the Human Resource Management Certificate program. At the end of the program, students can test to earn a certificate from the national Human Resource Certification institute.

According to Rubadue, national certification appeals to people often already working in human resources who are seeking promotion. Many of the higher positions require a certificate from a nationally recognized organization to qualify as an applicant.

Vice President of Administrative Services Nancy Mckinney currently works to evaluate the Non-Profit Leadership program which shows low enrollment rates. Mckinney is in the process of analyzing needed improvements to the program and the effect of the economy on enrollment with program instructors and local non-profits.

According to Rubadue, changes in the Non-Profit program are projected to go into effect in January.

SPSCC Hawks Prairie discontinued the Certified Program Manager program. Due to low enrollment that did not cover the cost of the program, those classes will not be offered starting summer quarter.

“The certification you get from it isn’t recognized as something that would help you promote into a managerial position in state government,” said Mckinney.

The Certified Program Manager program cost the college a lot of money to run and cost a lot for students to register. Students participating in this program did earn credits.

Most people in leadership positions looking to pursue this type of training already had a bachelor’s degree or higher said Rubadue, so an accredited program did not appeal to potential students.

The Hawks Prairie campus offers other leadership programs serving the same market the Certified Program Manager served.

According to Mckinney, market analysis services help SPSCC determine industry needs.

From there the college can develop classes to fit the needs and interests of the areas. If there is no longer an industry need, SPSCC discontinues the classes fairly quickly, said Mckinney.

Hawks Prairie serves as a host location for the Prometric, Pearson Vue, Criterion, and Castle testing centers. Students can test at Hawks Prairie to earn a certificate. Protected tests are available from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Fridays.

SPSCC provides training through Department of Personnel (DOP). The college has over a 15 contracts with DOP. The college also contracts directly with state agencies.