Harvest Moon yields scholarships

Harvest Moon Invitation

The Harvest Moon Celebration that recently occurred atSouthPuget SoundCommunity Collegebrought in over $89,000 for the school to use for 2013 scholarships.

The college’s Development Manager, Katya Miltimore, helped set up the event which highlighted certain academic programs at SPSCC, such as the Automotive, Chemistry, Computer Manufacturing Technology, Criminal Justice, iPads in the Arts Classroom, and Medical Assisting.

According to Miltimore, guests of the Harvest Moon Celebration were given the chance to see how these programs work at SPSCC through the use of interactive displays. The donors appreciated this hands-on display because it gave them a much clearer idea of how and what professors are teaching students, said Miltimore.

Several recipients of the Harvest Moon Scholarship volunteered at the event. This gave them a chance to meet the donors who made their scholarship possible and to show them that their money was being put to good use.

According to Miltimore, the Harvest Moon Celebration is one of the most important fundraisers for the College Foundation, which has a clear mission of enhancing students’ education and raising awareness of both the college and financial support.

“The Foundation was established in 1982, and for the past 30 years has received over $10 million in gifts and provided scholarships to over 1500 students,” said Miltimore.

It is made up of a Board of Directors and over 22 members who strive to raise awareness about tuition and financial opportunities for students. Tuition has gone up by over 40 percent in the past four years. It offers students financial support they might not otherwise receive. The Foundation’s scholarships help offset high tuition costs.

Though it may be one of the main fundraising events the college hosts, the Harvest Moon Scholarship is not the only scholarship available for SPSCC students. The college offers over 100 scholarships each year.

According to Miltimore, over 200 students were awarded scholarships for the 2012-2013 year, but the College Foundation only received 327 applications.

Student Lindsay Venable received the Chehalis Tribe Friendship Scholarship through the College Foundation. Venable said she was extremely surprised when she first found out she had received a scholarship, and that she was thankful there were people in the community who cared so much about students and were selfless enough to donate money in order for students to get a higher education.

The next scholarship application process will begin in March. Applications will be due in April. Applying for a scholarship could potentially give students anywhere from $750 to $4000 in award money, said Miltimore. She strongly recommends all students who plan to continue pursuing their education to apply for the next batch of scholarships.


All USA Scholarship:

This scholarship is worth $2,500, various four-year
scholarships, and national recognition.
Applications are due Nov. 13.

Applicant needs to have a 3.5 GPA
Must be on track to earn an Associates Degree
Must have minimum of 48 college credits completed by Dec. 31


Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Award:

This scholarship is worth $1,500.
Applications are due Dec. 15.

Must be a woman who provides primary support
for their families
Must have financial need
Must be enrolled in a vocational program.


Jack Kent Cooke
Opportunity Scholarship:

This scholarship is worth up to $30,000.
Applications are due by 5 p.m. on Nov. 26.

Must plan to enroll in full time baccalaureate program in fall 2013
Must have a 3.5 GPA or better
Must have significant unmet need.


For more information and application instructions please contact the Office of Financial Aid located in bldg 25

Director of Student Grants and Scholarships, Kerri Chaput, can also be contacted for any other questions pertaining to grants and scholarships. Her email is kchaput@spscc.ctc.edu.