Filharmonic Spends Final Tour Date With SPSCC

The Filharmonic, a Filipino acapella group, came to perform at SPSCC this passed month, as their last concert on their national tour.

The band originates from Los Angeles, and consists of 5 members, all of whom are of a Filipino background. Jules Cruz, who is the bass vocalist in the Filharmonic, says that he and his fellow band mates met during singing competitions in college. Cruz says, “We discovered our shared genuine chemistry, unparalleled love of music, and undeniable music talents.”

The early members of the band were all Filipino, and it was decided that an all Filipino acapella group would provide many opportunities to share their culture. Referencing their website, “Together they honor their Filipino heritage through incredibly nuanced musical performances that are both fun and moving to experience.”

The Filharmonic made it to the semi-finals in NBC’s “Sing-Off” musical competition, and were featured in the movie Pitch Perfect 2. They have been touring across the nation, and SPSCC is their final destination. The tour helped them realize that the group could become something very big, Cruz says. The journey up to this point for the Filharmonic has revealed the challenges all musicians face in their careers. For the Filharmonic, some of those challenges include their first performance, arranging music, and having to compete for the love of the audience.

The NBC’s musical competition lead the Filharmonic to realize their true potential, “Once we got the call to be on Sing Off, it got serious.” Cruz explains. After becoming semi-finalists, the band’s sights were set on expanding their musical horizons. The band now aims to make the acapella leap from covers to original content, and going on large-scale tours.

After their national tour comes to an end, the band will make a trip to the Philippines to visit loved ones, make a music video, and perform at the Youtube FanFest. Cruz thoughtfully says, “It never feels like work because we love it.”

The Filharmonic concert at SPSCC is an opportunity to see what happens when cultural diversity and the music industry come together. For more information about the Filharmonic, visit their website at