Fairy Tales in Drag

South Puget Sound Community College’s Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) filled the evening of May 6 with entertainment at their 2nd Annual Drag Show “Fairy Tales…With a TWIST!”

Drag queens and kings took the stage at the Kenneth J. Minnaert Center for the Arts that evening to entertain 200 or so people and to raise money to develop a scholarship benefiting LGBTQ students. By the end of the evening, the show raised approximately $750, which all went to the scholarship foundation.

This was not the first drag show student Ashley Elliott had ever been to. But it was for her friend Michaela Eng. Elliott, an SPSCC student, was armed with glitter and sat front row-center. She was happy for the change of venue from the Student Union Building last year to the Minnaert Center this year. Both Elliott and Eng were excited for the show. Their only expectation for the show was “for it to be awesome.”

“I just like all the performances and how talented everyone is. It’s really great to see everyone up there having fun and seeing my friends perform,” Elliott said.

Although not her first time at a drag show, this was Lisa Foster’s first time attending the SPSCC drag show. She was very excited for the over-the-top “beauty, fabulousness, and exquisiteness”.

“I’m so excited! I missed last year’s and so I promised myself I would come to the next one,” she said.

Jadys, the Mistress of Ceremonies, began the evening with a couple jokes and a few rules, including to “tip your performers” and “no booing.”

“If you don’t like it, exits are in the rear,” she said.

The show was full of drag performances of favorite Disney classics, or “fairy tales with a twist!” The show also included a few non-Disney pop and hip-hop performances as well as several lap dances.

Kimber Lee Temptress was the first queen to perform with a piece from Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast,” as Belle (the Beauty).

Miss Atlanta Russle and Sawyer performed individual songs from “Hercules.” Temptress and Jadys excited the crowed with a theatrical performance as Ariel and Ursula from “The Little Mermaid.”

Before Sawyer began his next act, the crowd was asked for a female volunteer wearing pants. Foster was eager to volunteer. She was placed on a lonely chair in the center of the stage. Sawyer hurdled from stage right with a makeshift sword and began his crowd-rousing performance of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Disney’s “Mulan.” Throughout the song, Sawyer “made a man” out of Foster.

Drag queens Gina and Kylie le Vogue also roused the audience. They, as well as the other queens and kings, collected multiple dollar bill tips.

Reactions to the show were very positive. Elliott and Eng’s expectations were blown out of the water.

“I can’t pinpoint one specific part that was really amazing, it was all really really good!” Elliott said.

As for Elliott’s first-timer friend Eng, she “LOVED IT!”

Foster also had a great time.

“You could feel this fun and welcoming energy everybody had,” she said. “And all of the performers were just amazing, it’s tough going up on stage and doing an act! I would know I was just in a play.”

Foster’s time as an actress helped in her volunteer performance with Sawyer.

“I immediately figured out what direction that song was going and I could tell what the performer wanted me to do,” said Foster. “All of the performers before us were amping the crowd up, and I wanted to amp them up too.”

Foster’s performance with Sawyer sparked past interests in being a drag king and hopes to reconnect with Sawyer and join him in his performance at Jake’s on 4th.

The QSA also invited local non-profits to promote their organizations that evening. Mpowerment Olympia and Partners in Preventative Education (PiPE) were both there.

Mpowerment is a community building organization that provides a fun and safe environment for men who like men age 18-29. They also emphasize education for safe sex and HIV prevention.

The mission of PiPE is “to engage homeless and at risk youth and adult allies in the elimination of sexual and domestic violence as it contributes to homelessness and as it exists in street culture.”

Kelsi Johnson, community and health services coordinator for the Campus Activities Board, was also there collecting signatures for the petition to repeal the blood ban.

The petition was started by members of the QSA and SPSCC Student Senate to repeal the law banning men who have sex with men from donating blood.