Director of security advises against creative parking “solutions”

Every year parking on campus is a source of annoyance to new and returning students alike. Most students who have taken morning classes know the headache of trying to find parking on campus. However, there are easy ways to avoid this.

“During the hours of 9-12 we fill every parking space on campus,” Director of Security Lonnie Hatman, “Outside of those times we don’t have a parking problem.”

Students aren’t the only ones who struggle to find parking. SPSCC uses a level ground parking policy, which means faculty and staff do not have reserved spots. The easiest way for both students and staff to avoid the parking hassle is to arrive early before the lots fill up, or after they start to empty around lunch. But of course this is not always possible.

If you do have to be on campus during those busy morning hours, Hatman has some words of advice. “If you are spending more than fifteen minutes trying to find a place to park, you are wasting your time. Directly across highway 101 is free parking, and buses run every fifteen minutes.” Hatman explained. “You get to ride the buses free with your student ID card, so if you are circling the parking lot you could just park down the street and ride the bus.”

Every year some students find creative “solutions” to busy parking lots, and park where they aren’t supposed to. “The only designated parking places on campus are between clearly marked white lines. Parking on the side of the road or somewhere undesignated can be damaging, and can block the roadway,” said Hatman, asking that students be respectful of others and do their part to help campus parking run smoothly.