Demolition of Building 22 continues Students grow annoyed by the added inconvenience

The construction of South Puget Sound Community College’s oldest building, Building 22, is expected to be completed by late July 2013 according to Penny Koal, dean of capital facilities. Until then students will continue to walk around the blocked off area.

“It was annoying last quarter to have to walk all the way around Building 25,” said Andy Baumann, SPSCC student.

The walking detours on campus don’t leave students with back-to-back classes enough time to stop for a snack or break, said Anna Root, SPSCC student.

Another student, Seth Jones “hates” walking around the construction.

According to John Rajcich, assistant director of diversity and equity, “There have been a few inquiries for suggestions on how to negotiate detours. The response I have heard from folks has been supportive patience.”

SPSCC student Thomas Asman said, “The construction workers that work during all the crappy weather are an inspiration for me to get good grades and a good job. They do hard work in Washington weather.”

Koal is confident that the renovation is crucial to updating SPSCC facilities in order to make the campus a lot more efficient.

Included in the new Building 22 will be student services, financial aid, diversity and equity, a testing center, a counseling center, and a new “state of the art library,” she said.

Features of the newly relocated library will include many windows, plenty of natural lighting, spacious shelving, silent study areas, and more work space for librarians.
The design contains a one-stop desk where students and visitors can have all their questions answered.

Landscaping around the building will not be as nice as originally planned. Similar small details were altered or negated in order to preserve the central ideas of the project with the reduced budget.

“It’s a tremendous pain-in-the-ass going to school on a construction site,” said SPSCC student, Andrew Burlingame, “I’m especially pissed about the decimation of the Japanese maple garden.”

The SPSCC Leadership Development Program Team is however hosting a Japanese maple planting ceremony from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday, April 26, in front of Building 16 in order to honor Earth Day.