Construction on Bulding 22 slows after workers hit snags

The construction schedule of Building 22 has been pushed back yet again.

Facilities Planning and Operations Dean Penny Koal, who is overseeing the construction, said a few big surprises pushed back their timetable. After moving about 12 feet of dirt, crews found an old paved parking lot left over from the 1970s.

“They just built over the top of it,” said Koal.

Most of it was removed by crews, but some is still left for crews far into the future to find.

The archaeological finds didn’t stop there. The site also housed some modular buildings, and some of the concrete foundation was still there.

“We also found two or three different stormwater vaults that were active that didn’t show up on any of our surveys,” Koal said.

Crews were forced to move the water around, making sure it had someplace else to go.

In addition to their summer work schedule getting pushed back, so has the one for fall. They planned to be finished by the middle of Fall, but some slight remodeling of Building 22 caused everything to be pushed back.

“As we started working in the building, we discovered some structural steel that was supposed to be there that wasn’t, so we had to make a bunch of changes to fix that,” said Koal.

Despite these setbacks, Koal knows that students will appreciate the new look of Building 22. There will be a new covered walkway of glass that extends from Buildings 25 to 22 that will help keep people dry who are waiting for the bus.

“I think everyone’s really going to like it,” she said. “We’re about 35 percent through the project.” Although she admitted the deadline is still undetermined.

Within the next couple of weeks, administration is planning to have organized tours of the new building