Committee allots $1.1 million

The Service and Activities (S&A) Fees Committee allocated approximately $1.1 million, collected from student fees, to groups and individual staff members on campus.

Though the final amount is equal to last year, this year’s funding exceeded the amount the school originally projected.

The money collected from S&A fees helps fund student activities and programs, equipment and travel costs needed for those activities and programs, student employee salaries and Student Life staff salaries.

The original estimate of $937,000 would require the committee to deny more funding than they did. Having more funding made the committee’s job easier, said Committee Chair Sarah Armstrong.

SPSCC “has the objective of promoting the general educational experience and maximizing the success of every student,” read the S&A Financial Code.

According to Dean of Student Life Dave Rector, the committee allocates the most club money to clubs that benefit the largest number of students.

A Washington Administrative Code that governs all community college campuses ensures that the committee includes mostly students.

BRICK regularly contacts speakers for lectures on campus which attract student attendance more than just BRICK club members. Classes have attended BRICK speaker events, which creates more of a direct student gain, said Rector. The committee awarded BRICK the same amount of funds as last year.

“I think you’re going to see us working more to create curricular events,” said Rector.

Groups and individuals at the college request money by completing paperwork before a deadline and presenting to the committee. The committee formed basic award amounts during presentations and told those asking for money their initial award immediately after presentations.

Armstrong presented the committee’s recommendations to the Board of Trustees on May 15. Upon the board accepting the recommendation at their June 8 meeting, they’ll send the recommendations to the college president for a final signature.

Only the Anthropology Club intended to appeal their S&A allocation at the appeals meeting on April 26, because the committee granted the club $10,000 less than last year, said the club’s advisor Dale Croes.

The cut would keep the club from going to Central Washington University to visit its Anthropology Club and Chimpanzee American Sign Language program. No club representative showed up to appeal, so the committee denied the appeal.

Rector said as the economy improves, enrollment will decrease, and S&A funds will decrease.

According to Rector, “When economy is bad, more people go back to school to increase their skills when they are out of work.”

All students pay S&A fees with tuition.