Changes continue for campus 2013 reveal

SPSCC’s main campus will see big changes in late summer 2013 according to Penny Koal, the dean for facilities and planning operations. When completed, the new Building 22 will house the new College Center. It will include the Clipper Shop, a new library/media center, and a renovated commons area with places for studying and tutoring. There will also be a copy center and the building will have wireless access. The covered walkways will be restored as well.

To try to stay on schedule the construction will continue through all of summer quarter 2012. The area between Building 25 and Building 22 will be closed off. Trucks and other equipment will be moving throughout the area. Construction vehicles will use the bus loop to move on and off of campus therefore traffic will be limited in this area. Traffic will resume to normal for fall quarter and the busses will be using the loop again at this time.

According to Koal, due to construction of Building 22 the busses have been relocated to the front of the Minneart Center, Building 21. ”Folks should be aware of bus traffic in that area,” said Koal.

There may be disruption to pedestrian traffic in some areas of the campus but any detours will be posted on boards around campus as well as flaggers being on scene to reroute traffic, said Koal. The delays will not be long term, she said.

According to Koal, students and staff should also be aware that as the weather stays dry this summer, there is a high chance for dust around campus. The contractor will employ dust control methods to help keep the issue under control, but dust may be thick around the high traffic areas on campus.

This summer the framework for the new Building 22 will go up, allowing students and staff to see what it will look like once complete. The interior work will include installing the building functioning systems followed by putting up the interior walls. This system would include things like the plumbing and electrical work.

According to Koal, if the work progresses on schedule then near the end of summer construction may begin on the south end of Building 22.

Other smaller projects will happen as well. The college has started a project to improve the stormwater treatment capabilities which will help protect Percival Creek from pollution.

“There are eight locations around campus where we will be adding, increasing or replacing filters in existing stormwater vaults,” said Koal. There will be digging in these locations which many are in the parking lots and on the roads, she said.

“We are scheduling this activity so that we do not totally block traffic and will post any traffic revisions ahead of time,” said Koal. The work on this project should be completed this summer and all the roads and parking lots will be in working order for the start of fall quarter.

According to Koal another project students and staff may encounter on campus is the draining of the underground electrical and data vaults. Because of the area’s high water table these vaults fill with water for most of the year and in the summer a crew must dig up and drain the vaults. This year steps are being taken to make sure the water stays away.

Drains will be added to insure that after the water is removed this season that it is less likely to return during the heavy rain seasons. The digging, drainage and restoration of these areas should be completed in a few weeks and it will not cause any flooding in the areas where they are digging, said Koal.

Student Heidi Mandler believes that summer quarter is a good time to get all the construction projects out of the way and that so far the noise has not affected her concentration in class.

According to Mandler the upgrades and new buildings are nice but she still feels that the money could be better spent elsewhere such as building more parking areas or making tuition cheaper for students.