Campus-wide security monitoring needed

It’s time to discuss the lack of surveillance in the parking lots of South Puget Sound Community College. I understand that the parking lots are big areas to have under surveillance. And, the college shouldn’t have to pay somebody to monitor the video feed 24/7. But, I propose having the footage recorded, having it ready to access when needed.

There are students, faculty, and visitors that share the campus’ limited eight parking lots. Those eight parking lots are used at all hours of the day and evening. SPSCC offers night classes that go into the late evening. A surveillance system of cameras needs to be installed in the parking lots to ensure the safety of everyone and of their property on campus.

The paranoia on the back of my mind during class is, “I hope nobody hits my car in the parking lot.” If somebody were to hit my car, they could just as easily drive off without leaving any contact information. Unless another person was able to get their license plate number, I would be out of luck. Cameras installed in the parking lots would be able to record such events. From those cameras, the car model, and license plate number could be found out.

A friend just told me he went to his car after class, and the mirror of his car was hanging by its wires. Somebody must have pulled in too close and took out his mirror. Now, he has no way of knowing who did that, and no way of getting money to repair it.

I would think that the faculty, and many other students, would rather not have their vehicles hit by an irresponsible driver. I hate coming out to my car seeing the car next to me has parked so close I can’t even open my door. I always want to leave a note saying, “Is this really necessary? Learn how to park.” I never do, but I think about it.

During the fall quarter, I took one night class. My class was from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Since it was during the fall, after about 5 p.m. it started getting dark out. Is it safe for students and professors to be walking out to their cars in the dark?

There is campus security during night classes, but not enough to be patrolling all the parking lots and campus.

Another strange paranoia of mine is coming out to my car to find my car having been broken into. I have heard experiences of students having their cars broken into with no way to get their belongings back.

With security cameras installed in the parking lots, they may not be able to identify exactly who the thief is, but the video footage may give more clues. Regardless, in a circumstance like that, any tips would help.

According to Arlene Cook, security office program coordinator at SPSCC, there are no security cameras on campus. Even in areas such as the Student Bookstore

I would much rather see the money I pay to attend SPSCC go towards things that promote the safety of everyone on campus than for other amenities on campus that I and many others would never use.

I graduated from high school in June of 2012. My high school was not the wealthiest in the district by far. Yet, there were security cameras installed in the parking lot. As a well-known institution in the community, SPSCC needs to invest in a surveillance system that will improve the overall safety and atmosphere at the college.