Building renovation continues with difficulties

SPSCC’s Dean of Facilities, Planning and Operations, Penny Koal, discussed progress on Building 22. Even though the new building’s windows are done, the construction crew still faces some messy challenges.

“The existing floors are in much worse shape than we thought,” said Koal. Nevertheless, she said she remains hopeful the floors will be “a good product at a reasonable cost.”

The new building’s clerestory, the part of the building near the roof which will feature windows for letting in natural light, also proved problematic. At one point, the actual building didn’t match the architectural drawings. “One of those unforeseen consequences,” Koal said.

Undeterred, the architects and the contractors buckled down and worked together to find an alternate solution. They shifted the clerestory’s grid, thereby keeping both wood and steel in the final product.

Building 22 will be eco-friendly, and the crew is aiming for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold status, the second highest rating a building can get.

So far, the building is on target in terms of regional material usage, building materials purchased within 500 miles of construction site, and of post-consumer recycled material, used building materials recovered or diverted from waste disposal.

The contractor crew still has to get a higher percentage of certified wood material, wood certified in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council’s principles and criteria, and of post-industrial recycled material, reusable materials produced by industrial or manufacturing processes.