Building 22 renovation update

Dean for Facilities Planning and Operations, Penny Koal, updated South Puget Sound Community College at an all-staff and faculty meeting on the renovation of Building 22.

Koal informed staff and faculty that the changes to the building will take around two years and should be completed by fall of 2013.

Construction fences surround Building 22, affecting the way some students get around on campus. There will be signs posted to assist people on navigating around the building.

Questions were raised on the financial aspects of the renovation. Koal informed staff and faculty that because the job will hire a lot of local contractors, it is an economic stimulus.

According to Koal, the clock tower will no longer exist. After the renovation of Building 22 is completed, SPSCC can use an allotment of money set aside to start contemplating a replacement clock tower or some other artistic structure.

During the construction, much of the material from Building 22 will be recycled. The art that is currently showcased in Building 22 will be returned and put into storage or on display elsewhere.