Artists show off their work in annual Student Art Show

A myriad of quality works of student art are now on display in the Kenneth J. Minnaert Center for the Arts Gallery as a part of the college’s annual “Student Art Exhibit.” The exhibit is open until June 16 and boasts a cross-section of student-made artwork.

“There are so many excellent pieces, it’s so great to see this diversity in the fine arts,” said Jane Stone, one of the organizers of the exhibit and a professor of art.

“Students submit their work and it’s judged based on excellence of the work as well as diversity. It is important to include all of the different disciplines: drawings, paintings, photography and the like, all of the different disciplines are represented.”

There is one downside of this practice, according to Stone.

“If there is a lot of quality work in one discipline it might not all be able to be shown,” she said.

Alongside the more mainstream artistic disciplines on display, such as painting and photography, are intricately hand-sculpted clay jugs or boxes, elaborate three dimensional collages and experimental “night-light” photography.

“I’ve never actually had something up before” says Elizabeth, one of the artists with work on display who declined to give her last name.

“It’s very exciting to have other people judging my work, even if they give me negative feed-back, because they can see some of my work,” she said.