Are you a Broke Bookworm?

It’s time to buy textbooks for Winter quarter, and in order to save your wallet, you are going to need to get savvy with your spending.

A college education is expensive. According to the South Puget Sound Community College website, the total estimated annual expenses [tuition, room and board, books and supplies] for a student living on their own are $14,787. The college website also estimates that students spend roughly $1,050 yearly on books and supplies. That’s one big receipt!

The price of textbooks has increased almost tenfold. Mark J. Perry, a finance professor from the University of Michigan, graphed the annual percent change in the cost of educational books in the past three decades. The graph depicts that college textbooks have risen 945% in price since 1978. Perry concludes from his findings that, “The new era of $400 textbooks seems to be clearly unsustainable in the face of a growing number of competitive, low-cost alternatives.” These “low-cost alternatives”, as Perry put it, are simple and ready for students to utilize.

For starters, you can purchase used textbooks online for under $100, some selling as cheap as $10 or just a couple of cents in comparison to full-priced books. In addition, the SPSCC bookstore allows students to buy used textbooks, or to rent textbooks for low prices. Lastly, you can visit SPSCC’s library, or discover organizations and other websites such as Openstax, Bookboon, and, that dispense free media and textbooks.

Don’t be a broke bookworm. Get your textbooks at a low-price, or even for free!