Bus fare increase may affect students

Due to Intercity Transit (I.T.) fare increases made effective earlier this year, all South Puget Sound Community College students are looking at a potential increase in the per-credit fee that pays for the free bus service that students currently have access to.

Current SPSCC students that have a valid quarter sticker on their student I.D. cards are able to ride I.T. buses for free. This service is funded by a per-credit fee of 69 cents that every student pays. But, I.T. voted last fall to increase their fares to compensate for “rising fuel and operating costs for bus and vanpool services and lower-than-expected revenue from local sales tax.”

Because of fare increases, the current per-credit fee will not cover the costs of the bus service.

The student senate has proposed that the per-credit fee per student be raised 17 cents to 86 cents. To make this change, required a majority vote of 10 percent of the college’s full-time equivalent students in favor of the fee increase. The voting was done through the student senate webpage on SPSCC’s website. The poll was open from May 17 to May 27.

If the increased fee does not pass, and the student senate cannot locate funds elsewhere to finance the fare increase, then the current fee of 69 cents per credit for this service will be revoked, said David Rector dean of student life. Free bus service will no longer be available to SPSCC students.

If passed, the additional fee will take effect summer quarter.

According to the I.T. website, three monthly passes, that would be equivalent to one-quarter passes, would cost students over the age of 18 $108.

Results of the vote were unknown at the time of print, but can be found by contacting Student Life in Building 27.