Building 22 update

Building 22 construction is estimated to be finished Oct. 25, and to be open for use winter quarter, according to Craig Miller, assistant capital projects manager.

“Things are looking really good. It’s going to be a big surprise for all the students when they see that building, because there’s a lot of neat things in there,” said Miller.

The long-awaited facility will combine many student-oriented services into one building. Having Student and Financial Aid Services, the library and Learning Support Services all in the same building will make for less treks across the campus.

“Right now is just the finishing touches, all the flooring, blinds, signage — that type of thing,” said Miller.
All of the furniture for Building 22 will be brand new. The next step is placing the furniture, said Miller, and after that, the electronics will be hooked up.

A covered walkway was installed along Crosby Loop during the summer quarter construction outside of the building. Stairs and ramps are in progress at the end of the walkway, which will shorten the current skirt around the construction fences.

The budget is no longer an issue, and the weather will not pose any problems, said Miller. “It’s smooth sailing now,” he said.