Athletic Director resigns

Pam Charpentier, SPSCC’s athletic director of thirteen years, recently resigned her position. Aaron Landon, SPSCC’s Head Men’s Basketball Coach has stepped up to the Interim Director position while the administration searches for a permanent director.

Charpentier started at SPSCC in 1991 working at several different positions over the years until she was made Athletic Director in 2001. As athletic director, Charpentier oversaw the coaches and teams of SPSCC’s four intercollegiate sports programs: men’s soccer, women’s softball, women’s basketball, and men’s basketball. She helped represent the teams to the administration, created their schedules, represented the school to NWAC (Northwest Athletic Conference), and worked with the students involved in the department.

“She was great to work with,” said Cindy Ulrich, who had worked with Charpentier since she first started at SPSCC 23 years ago. “I was on the committee that hired her when she started as an office assistant in Student Programs.” Ulrich explained Charpentier started working in Student Program, (now known as Student Life,) before transferring into the athletics program.

“Pam had a very good relationship with all our student athletes and always made them all feel that they could come and talk to her about anything.” said Aaron Landon, head coach of the men’s basketball team and interim Athletic Director.

Landon wants to continue the student-faculty relationship that Charpentier had worked to cultivate. “If there is one thing I will try to take away from what she did, it is to try and keep the door open, so a student athlete can come by anytime and talk.” said Landon, who has been with the school since 2013 when he was hired to coach the men’s basketball team and work as an advisor.

Landon knows campus athletics well, and is hitting the ground running. “I’ve been transitioning into that [Athletic Director] role, taking on quite a few things including managing the use of facilities by our athletic program, helping our student athletes who are in season right now, preparing both basketball teams whose seasons are about to start, and helping the softball team plan their seasons” said Landon.

Charpentier has cited personal reasons for her resignation, and said she is pursuing opportunities on the east coast. Her last day with the school was Oct. 17.