Corrections: November 4, 2014

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Front Page

A clarification on the article about the Allies for Inclusions: Ability Exhibit. The exhibit was originally only going to run until the Oct. 31. The exhibit was extended until Nov. 6. Two typos are made: The exhibit is referenced as “Allies for Inclusion: The Ability” when the correct title is “Allies for Inclusions: The Ability Exhibit.” The word achievement is misspelled as “achiefment.”


Due to an editing error, the headline of an article on page 2 about the Running Start Book Loan program incorrectly refers to the program as a book exchange program. No books are being exchanged, they are loaned by a signed agreement.

Due to an editing error, an article on page 4 about the original student play has a typo. The word presented is misspelled as presente.

Due to an editing error, the headline of an article on page 4 about the Dental Clinic program has a typo. “Services” is misspelled as “servies.”

Due to an editing error, an article on page 5 about the Study Abroad program has typo errors. The program is incorrectly spelled as Study Aboard, when the correct name is Study Abroad.


An article on page 3 about Dr. Rhonda Coats incorrectly reports her name as Dr. Rhonda Coates. This error is repeated throughout the article and headline.

Due to an editing error, the name of a reporter on page 5 has a typo. The reporter’s name is Spencer Kelty, not Sepncer Kelty.


Due to an editing error, the headline of an editorial on page 6 has a typo. The “s” in SATs in mistakenly capitalized.

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